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Thought he was too woke for these plebleian kinds of movies. Must have gone on Twitter too much post Nirvana.. Umm.. Do some homework. They are not shadows. The shadow label is not accurate, its more like blacker than black silhouette of a person... I really wish Jim would make Ace Ventura 3 before he's too old. I'd rather have gotten Ace 3 than Dumb and Dumber 2 :(. I will recommend witch part 1 subversion the best movie for me..

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Seventeen Wonwoo is the younger version of Ju Ji Hoon😍 Love them both ❤️



Carrey is an actor who commits. You'll never be disappointed! Hope we see a resurgence



It's too bad Jim Carey had to come out and spew his political hate. Like we care what he or others think. Now when I see him, and others like him, that's all I can see, their hate. Don't they realize that they alienate people by showing what side of the spectrum they are on? I don't want to know, but now I can't watch a movie with him, and others, anymore. Their filth pulls me out of the movie. When will these actors, actresses, singers, and entertainers learn to just shut up and entertain?.


Do you remember when he played in Kickass 2? and disassociated himself from the role because he said it was too violent? Did you see what the R rating was for at the beginning of the trailer? I guess he has changed.. Dang no one said anything about The Vanishing and i have that on pause right now 😩 Should I watch it?? Rotten Tomatoes actually have it a score of 100. Is it just me, or can any not here what they are saying because of the drowning sounds of the music???


A bittersweet life is number 1 in my opinion

Nice movie....

'Dark, Figure, of. Crime Online... '. Leaked! 2018. Titles:, 2018s, 1-10

I like Silmido and Shiri

Man from nowhere def . Could watch it with no sound

man from nowhere vs john wick, who do u think will win? Awesome part for Jim Carrey he played a good role like this in 23 so I know this will be pretty good. A bittersweet life I came looking for the illuminati confirmed comment, so here it is. sub indonesia please Dark Figure & of… Crime? Online. Megashare Watch. Dark? Figure of… Crime, [1080p] LikeFree!!, Dark - Figure? of. Crime. Online? Free Agree Man.from Nowhere is a top rated film. The suspect another superb film. Seen all the others. One thats missing for me is No Tears For The Dead from.the same writer n director of The Man From Nowhere. If you heaven seen it think of it as Leon meets Bourne.








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