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Interesting film...quirky. Wasn't for me- as far as horror comedy flicks go, this isn't what I was expecting..





I really enjoyed the movie a lot except for the Ice Cream Guy, could've done better there but JOHN REDLINGER aka Max, is EVERYTHING !!! Dear God! Something that hunky has got to be a sin.....oh wait, it is. The movie itself was entertaining. I was living thru the lead actress, loved the kooky neighbors, the ambiance was spooky at times but John Redlinger.....holy cow....I wish I were a 30 something suburban woman with time on my hands and a yard that needs work!!! (watch the movie, you'll know what I mean). Take it for a spin, I bet you'll like it (not the ice cream guy, sorry). Hey John, call me! LOL :).







  • 1000 / 1000